Towing Truck

You might think all tow trucks all tow trucks are the same, but we have several vehicles to service all types of towing jobs. Including:

  • Flatbed Tow Trucks – Allow easy loading of vehicles, and reduce chances of damage. Great for long-haul tows.
  • Wheel-Lift Tow Trucks – Use a metal yoke to hook under the front wheels of your car, lifting up the front; keeping your vehicle clear of any damage.

Towing Near Me

If your looking for a tow truck near me in Utah, your search ends here! We offer a large fleet of tow trucks that are always near me to help with any emergency situation.

If your on the side of the road or just need to move a vehicle from point A to point B that search ends here. Give Utah Towing a call today!

Roadside Assistance

Sometimes you just need a help and when that happens, Utah Tow Trucks are here to provide roadside assistance across Utah, and surrounding Utah areas.

We can:

  • Replace flat tires
  • Jump start dead batteries
  • Offer emergency gas refills
  • Offer locksmith solutions if you’re locked out
  • Drag your stuck car out of mud, snow or any other sticky situations

Tire Changes

Flat tire on the side of the road? Are your looking for an emergency tire change service in Utah? Give us a call. We can come out and replace or swap out your flat or popped tire.

Allow us to take the stress out of changing your vehicles tire in utah. We are experts and quickly removing the tire lug nuts and jacking the vehicle up to replace the tires.

Tool Box Towing Salt Lake City

Do you need a large or heavy duty tool box towed? We specialize in working with mechanics and shops in transporting their large tool boxes and other heavy items from one place to another. If you need Tool Box Towing in Utah or the surrounding areas please give us a call!

24/7 Towing

If your in a situation where you need help – regardless of what time it is – give Salt Lake Towing a call right now. We are the best 24/7 emergency towing company in the entire Utah Area!

WE ARE AVAILABLE 24/7  801-529-3838